Friday, 20 July 2012

The Mushroom Factory

At The Mushroom Factory they believe growing mushrooms should be fun, and that is why they created their Mushroom Factory Grow Kits!

They have a variety of different types to choose from...such as:

And, the most exciting of all:

Growing your own mushrooms is (apparently) a truly extraordinary and satisfying experience and at least the fruits of your fun are delicious and nutritious.

To maintain your mushroom factory all you have to do is add water (a bit of light and love never hurt either).

The Mushroom Factory's website will allow you to access all you need to know about growing your own mushrooms. You can also download their delicious recipes or just have fun reading some fungi facts.

A Mushroom Factory also makes a great gift idea...especially if you have a veggie friend.

You can buy the online at Bid or Buy or through their

It's also nice to know that your mushroom kit is RECYCLABLE! When your mushroom factory has finally exhausted itself, you can enrich your compost with it.

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  1. I always find mushrooms and fungi amazing and mysterious. I remember a tree near where we used to live had these absolutely huge mushrooms growing from it - similar to these yet slightly different colors.

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