Friday, 13 July 2012

Liquid Wallpaper


But, unfortunately, it’s all imported and (as usual) the really beautiful ones cost a fortune.

Not to mention the fact that smooth plaster has only recently come back in to fashion in SA….thus most of us living in older houses are stuck with ‘knobbly’ plastered walls.
So the cost of re-plastering my walls has also put me off indulging in my wallpaper fetish...

But, a solution (at last!) comes in the form of :

New to South Africa, this unique product is a specially developed ECO-FRIENDLY paint which when applied, using a patented roller and pattern, has the visual effect of wallpaper.

The specialised base paint has a rich velvety finish and then the pearlised top coat is applied creating an embossed look.

LIQUID WALLPAPER is available in an exterior as well as an interior application. The base coat can be any colour you like and the patterns can also be custom designed according to your requirements.

They have a number of agents across the country, most of whom have extensive interior décor experience and thus can assist you in advising suitable colour and pattern choices.

And, if you get tired of it, you just paint over it!

It can an be applied to almost any surface including:

- Walls (This includes smooth and ‘knobbly’ walls…but not scratch plaster)
- Tiles
- Cupboards
- Steel
- Plastic
- Acrylic

Also, I have insider knowledge that they are currently busy working on a range for babies and kiddies rooms… as well as corporate office interiors!

There’s much fun to be had with this product…and at just over R 200 per sqm (installed) it’s super affordable too!


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