Thursday, 29 March 2012


Willowlamp is the brainchild of the design duo Adam Hoets and Sian Eliot.

         Sian Eliot studied Industrial Design at the Cape Technikon and is also a jeweller.
      Adam Hoets is a registered Architect who specialises in Eco Architecture.




They industrially manufacture the elements but each lamp is painstakingly hand-assembled.
Each of the hundreds of cabin strands are cut and attached by hand…..and enjoyably so if the big smiles on their staff’s faces, when we went to visit their factory, are anything to go by!

It is all based upon one simple yet very ingenious idea. The idea is based on a patented method of attaching ball-chain to laser-cut steel frames via a tiny notch to form a fastener free chain curtain.

The Faraway Tree design (above) was inspired by the organic, sometimes obsessively, detailed trees on Architectural drawings.
Those of us in the trade can totally identify with this! Ha ha!

What I love most about Willowlamps is that they are very dynamic – every movement of air can be seen on their surface. They are so delicate looking...yet make a huge statement.

They have won numerous design awards since their inception and in 2010 were included in the ‘Global Africa Project’, a significant exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, which looks at design originating from Africa that is changing people’s perceptions about the level of art, craft and design in Africa.
Proudly South African!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Picnic in the Sky

Wow, we had the most awesome day out this past Sunday!
I came across the mainstreetwalks website a while ago and we decided to do the Picnic in the Sky tour this past weekend.
Main Street Walks are all about 'rediscovering the city'....

What an awesome, awesome day out!
Tickets cost R 120 per person (you can book online on their website). You meet at 11am at the Chalkboard Cafe on Fox Street where you pick up your picnic basket. This includes a blanket, cutlery, crockery and glasses.
Then you walk down the road to Arts on Main where you get just over half an hour to scour the Market on Main.

There are loads of goodies for you to stock up your picnic baskets with (just remember to take cash with you as most don't have card machines).

We stocked up on spicy chourico, crispy bread, creamy blue cheese as well as some chinese stir fry noodles, macaroons and gorgeous red velvet cupcakes!

Sipping on ice cold Mojito's, we waited for our taxi to take us to the Carlton Centre.
We had an awesome guide who accompanied us on our trip.

Once at the Carlton, we took the lift up to the 50th floor, where the view of Jo'burg was breathtaking!
Our guide walked us around the entire floor, explaining the history of Jo'burg through the buildings and locations below.


You are able to see all the way to the East, West, South and North and I was amazed at the realisation that Jo'burg city really is the at the heart of everything.

After our tour, the little restaurant up there set up a table for us overlooking the city and we proceeded to gorge ourselves!

You can buy drinks from the restaurant itself or you can bring your own wine. We actually bought a delicious bottle at the market itself.

After our lunch, at abut 2pm, we were dropped back off at Arts on Main.

We decided to explore upstairs, above the market. They have a small exhibition area where you can browse through vintage clothing, local furniture designers, jewellery designers, photographers, art galleries etc. 

After that we enjoyed a locally brewed beer on the roof top of Canteen (the restaurant at Arts on Main). It was really festive up there with everyone dancing to some really funky salsa music.

Further up the road is Main Street Life. This all forms part of the Maboneng Precinct and is the result of transforming 1970's industrial buildings into art/design/student hubs.
There are commercial offices, exhibition space and studios to rent, student accomodation and the 12 Decades Art Hotel.

At the bottom are lots of funky restaurants, poetry halls, the bioscope, coffee cafes and boutique clothing shops.

A really sweet lady took us to view one of the apartments for sale/to rent in Main Street Life as well as in Revolution House across the road.

Small but super funky!
At Main Street life each floor is dedicated to a specific discipline eg. photography, fashion, design etc. and they try to rent these out specifically to people involved in these industries.
They also have really awesome rooftop parties on Sundays...

We just LOVED these funky water bottles from Love Jozi!

After browsing in Love Jozi, we decided to take our own piece of Jo'burg home with us...

But we'll definitely be back soon!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Cotton Wood Trading Company

Super excited to come across this little gem of a place:

The company specialises in importing beautiful French reproduction furniture as well as Industrial furniture and other French decor items.

In December 2010 a decision was made to stop wholesale sales to other furniture and decor shops. This meant the company was no longer tied to recommended retail prices which allowed them to drop their prices by up to 30%!

Originally from Durban, they moved up to Joburg in 2009 and have a warehouse in Kyalami.

Below are a few favourite French Country and Classic styles:

LOVE these magazine rack/toilet paper combos! How's that for stylish AND practical?

The above are great wash basin stands for small guest bathrooms.

My absolute BEST has gotta be their Industrial range *swoon* !!

Pauchard Chair

Industrial Storage Cabinets

Crank Table

Antique Drawing Board

Postman's Desk (how divine?!)

Steamer Trunk

Tractor Stools

Now I just need to find space for everything! *wink*