Friday, 23 March 2012

Cotton Wood Trading Company

Super excited to come across this little gem of a place:

The company specialises in importing beautiful French reproduction furniture as well as Industrial furniture and other French decor items.

In December 2010 a decision was made to stop wholesale sales to other furniture and decor shops. This meant the company was no longer tied to recommended retail prices which allowed them to drop their prices by up to 30%!

Originally from Durban, they moved up to Joburg in 2009 and have a warehouse in Kyalami.

Below are a few favourite French Country and Classic styles:

LOVE these magazine rack/toilet paper combos! How's that for stylish AND practical?

The above are great wash basin stands for small guest bathrooms.

My absolute BEST has gotta be their Industrial range *swoon* !!

Pauchard Chair

Industrial Storage Cabinets

Crank Table

Antique Drawing Board

Postman's Desk (how divine?!)

Steamer Trunk

Tractor Stools

Now I just need to find space for everything! *wink*

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