Friday, 31 August 2012



What a brilliant question?

You should be a little nervous, not in terms of injuring yourself, but in pushing yourself and realising that what you thought your limit was, is actually way within your capacity!

Pushing your limits is NOT comfortable - if it was they wouldn't be called limits.

So get nervous or change your workout......"

For fellow exercise junkies like myself, the above certainly warrants a bit of a wake up call. Especially when I realised that I've pretty much been doing the same workout format for the last three years!

No wonder I'm not getting the results I want!?

But, luckily the solution arrived just in time and I am addicted to it!

As I sit here typing this, I have burn marks on my knees from doing burpees, my hands are blistered from swinging a kettlebell and the bruises on my shins are from jumping onto a giant tyre .......and I flipping LOVE IT!

No doubt you must have heard about the 'CrossFit phenomenon' by now? Gareth Cliff was discussing it on his show a few weeks ago and this month's Women's Health, Men's Health and Living & Loving all feature articles on it.

CrossFit is the latest exercise phenomenon and it's definitely here to stay.
Developed in the USA, it is based on old-style military training and is used to train firefighters, marines, SWAT teams and the like....

CrossFit is functional training. You learn to develop your muscles in a way that supports your daily functions. Whether that's carrying a heavy toddler with one arm (that's me) or picking up your own heavy boxes, after doing CrossFit there's no need to call a man to get the job done!

Each day there is a new WOD (Workout of the Day) and no WOD is the same. Ever.

Whether a session lasts 20 minutes or 5 minutes, you will be exhausted...but with a big fat smile on your face.

CrossFit is not just for the super-fit (so there's no excuse!). Every exercise can be scaled according to your fitness level and age.

My own mom (let's just say she's JUST over 50...*wink*) does it regularly and kicks butt whilst doing mens push ups!

Whether you lift a 100kg barbell over your head or a PVC pipe, the movement is still the just keep working your way up and, boy, is it rewarding when you realise you can do things that you never thought you'd be able to do!

But, undoubtedly, the best part of CrossFit is the sense of community. You're not training in a big commercial gym where you're nothing but a number and nobody cares if you're on level 2 or 42 of the treadmill.....
CrossFit classes are limited to a max of 15 people and EVERYONE knows your name...primarily so that they can yell at you to: "Come on! Just one more, Kerry!"

The little bit of healthy competition (either between your team mates or just yourself) goes a long way to keeping you motivated and coming back for more.

I really like the fact that they are not about quick fixes and drastic diets...their motto is "Look like an athlete because you train like one!"

That makes sense to me...and, believe me, the results speak for themselves! :) 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I’m sure most of you will agree, we spend hours and hours perfecting our home décor. We make sure everything matches perfectly with just the right amount of contrast…

And then, in the corner of the room, lies the cat’s grubby bed:

It totally ruins the look! :(

The guys from Kitticraft were faced with this age-old problem of the bright-pink-hideously patterned-kitty bed glaring at them from the corner of their living room and so decided to do something about it.

They have just launched a range of designer furniture for the sophisticated cat (and home!) and it’s eco-friendly too!

They have everything from hanging beds, swings, baskets, scratching posts and more.

Now you can ensure that all your kitty’s accessories can work together to add value to the look of your home.

In fact, some of them are so fabulous looking that they are like art sculptures all on their own!


Monday, 13 August 2012

Sky Planters

Bring the outdoors in is definitely one of the latest décor trends at the moment.

Hanging gardens are the next big thing and, whilst there are hundreds of different methods on the market, I really love the Boskke Sky Planter

from Emile-et-Son in Parkhurst.

I spotted them at this year’s Johannesburg Decorex and it really is an ingenious little device that allows for gravity-defying gardening!

It’s an upside-down planter that hangs from the ceiling and uses a nifty drainage system that ensures a no-mess, no-fuss way to keep your house green.

It’s available in 3 sizes and 2 colours (black and white) and the pricing ranges from R350-R850 per planter.

A funky idea  would be to cluster a few of them together to create a ‘mini-chandelier’ kind of look. Use different sized pots and a variety of plants.

These would also be great to hang in your kitchen and use for herbs.

The best thing about these planters is that they allow you the opportunity to place plants in areas where you don’t have the space for a plant eg. bathrooms, balconies, patios.

The possibilities are endless but, however you decide to use them, these planters are sure to create an impression!