Friday, 27 July 2012

Spineless Classics

This is such a great idea!

For your own home (if you are a book lover) or as an amazingly thoughtful gift for a book-loving friend.

Spineless Classics takes the ENTIRE (yes, entire) text of your favourite book and prints it on a poster with an image that’s related to the theme of the book.

Books are so much more than just stories…they remind us of our childhood, they provide a welcome escape from today’s busy world and can end up being a real part of who we are.

Such a great idea for a child’s bedroom…

I have always felt strongly that, when it comes to your walls at home, you should always make sure that you put up items, artworks, photos that mean something to you. Things that reflect your personality so that when people come into your home they can easily get a sense of who you are.
It’s your personal space, it should be about you.


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