Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pizza Stone

One of the most exciting things I’ve discovered lately is YuppieChef.
If you havent heard of them yet, they are a HUGE online store selling ‘Premium Kitchen Tools’…..a.k.a. awesome, funky kitchen gadgets! Yay!

Now I may not be a chef…or a cook, but I can certainly appreciate beautiful objects that might just inspire me to use them!
I mean, if you’re gonna use a spatula, you may as well use a helluva good-looking one!

Best of all…

And, when your purchase is delivered (to your door), inside the box is a beautiful handwritten thank you note! It’s the small things that count remember?

Anyway, Yuppiechef deserves an entire post all of it’s own….but this post is specifically about (insert drum roll here)…… the Pizza Stone!

Mmmm, pizza. Find me someone who does NOT like pizza?

This fabulous little gadget came highly recommended by a fellow mom and I have since ordered plenty of these as gifts for friends and family.

It is super easy to use and so much fun too!

It costs R 390 and comes with a ceramic stone, base and pizza cutter.

You fire your oven up to it’s highest temp and then the stone heats up to draw all the moisture out of the pizza base, making it super crispy...just like a real wood fired pizza should be!
And it only takes about 7 mins!

This is great fun for the kids, super economical and we also use it to entertain friends a lot.

You can make the pizza dough yourself (lots of easy recipes on the net) but I am no hero so I go the 'cheat’s route' and buy the bases already rolled out from my local pizzeria. They cost about R 15 each and then I get a tub of their tomato sauce for about R 10.

What I also like about it, for those of us who are more weight conscious (who isn’t?), is that you can control the amount of cheese that goes on it.

Also, you can even do a cheese-free focaccia and load it with salad and balsamic vinegar. Nom nom!

So, now you know what I have for dinner every Friday night! *grin*

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