Friday, 26 October 2012

Fascinating Julia

I have found the perfect dress...and I speak from experience as I already own one of these!

It's from:

and it's called:

The dress is one size fits all and comes in over 20 different colours...

They've recently launched their new pastel range for Summer:

Or you can go with a slightly different style:

The above dress has a  pleated skirt.

The beauty of this dress is the fact that it's so can wear your dress in any way that accentautes YOUR best features.

(Love their use of a plus-sized model ... it's just proves that you dont have to be a size 8 to look good in this dress!) *high five*

I love the fact that the dress can be 'dressed up' or 'down' and I often wear mine to weddings.
Nobody ever picks up that I'm always wearing the same dress as I just change the style each time.

Another great idea is to use this dress for your bridesmaids. They can all wear the same dress...yet customise it according to their personal style.

Genius! Go get yours here.

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