Thursday, 7 June 2012


As an aspiring entrepreneur (one day J) I’ve always been a huge fan of SA’s local Entrepreneur magazine.

It boasts a really modern, funky design and is packed with all sorts of interesting tips, insight and inspiration but, until recently, I was quite unaware of their hugely under estimated online content!

Their website is a great (if not even better) addition to their magazine.
It has a huge amount of content, free advice as well as industry specific articles and templates.

It’s a great resource if you need to quickly search for something that’s specifically relevant to what interests or affects you.

They also have a great list of weekly email newsletters that you can sign up for….again, specific to your requirements.

Such as:
 - Starting a Business
 - Growing a Business
 - Franchise News
 - etc.

Whilst they have a great selection of Business Plan templates,

How-To Guides,

Directories and Event Information........ what I MOST enjoy are the Success Stories!

The majority of these are the stories of Proudly South African entrepreneurs.
These not only motivate and inspire, they also impart really valuable advice, insight and wisdom…..particularly on lessons learned and mistakes made.

Makes you realise that if so many other people can do it…there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t too!

p.s. I am going to be writing a series of monthly articles on corporate office design as part of Entrepreneur’s panel of expert columnists, go check out my first article here!


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