Thursday, 5 April 2012

G Thomas

Any girl worth her salt will agree that handbags and shoes ‘maketh’ the woman.

A sexy pair of shoes or a stylish handbag can make you feel like a million bucks…even on a ‘fat day’.

Thus, the excitement on discovering G Thomas!

G Thomas designs was born in 2004 and is the brainchild of Nicola Kuschke.
It originally began as a clothing label but with time, has changed direction and currently specialises in handbag couture.

She designs all types of AFFORDABLE handbags and accessories… from small evening clutches to large overnight bags, working with all types of fabrics ranging from silks to leather.

Every G Thomas piece is hand crafted by the designer from the initial pattern making process to the final touches, thus each piece is one of a kind.

I love the fact that you can, essentially, design your own handbag…Nicola works with you in your selection of fabrics, details etc.

Not only does she take the time to concentrate on the perfection of the outer appearance of each handbag.. but she also pay specific attention to the inner lining by making sure the colour and pattern is specifically suited to you.

I just love the gorgeous fabrics she uses on the inside, it’s like getting a lovely surprise every time you open your bag!

She also does a great range of accessories, including shoes, belts, cellphone covers, toiletry bags, laptop bags overnight bags, lunchboxes etc.

These make great gifts!

Best part of all: Nicola hand delivers your bag, wrapped so beautifully that you almost don’t want to open it!


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